Frequently Asked Questions.


Hair A-Gain is a topical treatment for hereditary pattern hair loss in men and women. It contains the active ingredient minoxidil.

2. Can both men and women use Hair A-Gain?

Yes. Hair A-Gain helps stop hair loss and promotes hair growth in both men and women.

3. When can I expect results?

Hair A-Gain may need to be used for at least 3 to 4 months before results are seen but the full benefit from Hair A-Gain will take 12 months.

4. Can I use hair care products such as hair sprays, gels, hair dyes, etc. while using Hair A-Gain?

Yes, there is no evidence that hair care products would interfere with the effectiveness of Hair A-Gain. Apply the Hair A-Gain first, then wait for it to dry before applying any hair products.

5. How long after applying Hair A-Gain can I wash my hair or go swimming?

To ensure the product is in contact with the scalp for sufficient time and the medication absorbed, do not wash or wet the scalp for 4 hours after application of Hair A-Gain.

6. Are there any side-effects with Hair A-Gain?

Hair A-Gain is generally well tolerated. The most common side effects are itching and skin irritation of the scalp. Some women may develop facial hair growth but this usually disappears when Hair A-Gain is discontinued.

7. How long do I have to use Hair A-Gain?

Hair A-Gain is a treatment for hair loss but not a cure. Hereditary pattern hair loss is a lifelong condition. Continuous use of Hair A-Gain is required to maintain results. If the application is stopped, you will most likely lose the hair gained within several months of stopping treatment.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional.